Projects history

In response to the needs of the project recipients, the project objectives were formulated: the overarching objective: the construction and development of an information society including the creation of e-services. This objective will be realised through strategic and operational objectives. 

The main strategic objective for the construction of the SIPWW is to support activities aimed at improving the competitiveness of the region through the creation of a regional (provincial), open, digital platform, integrating reference and domain information resources of a spatial nature. This objective is in line with the objective of Measure 2.1 of the WROP 2014+, which reads: “Greater use of ICT in the public sphere through the development of electronic public services for citizens, businesses and other entities, and increasing the level of availability and use of public digital services in the region”.

The implementation of the project will contribute to the development of the use of ICT in three areas: public administration, through the modernisation of ICT systems, social and economic – by improving the communication of stakeholders with the office through the use of e-services.